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    How To Record A Demo (Guide)

    Dr. Jan Itor

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    How To Record A Demo (Guide)

    Post by Dr. Jan Itor on Sun May 25, 2008 4:48 pm

    When in game and you notice someone who has either shakey rets, shooting people through walls, getting nothing but headshots, and or knowing where everyone is go spectate for a few rounds with a message like "Be right back, gotta do something.".

    Step two:

    Ok now that your spectating. Go find your suspected hacker by pressing enter constantly or press the ctrl button and find the user's name.

    Step three:

    You're now spectating the user you suspect hacking, breaking, rules, and or cheating in any way. Press the `or ~ key thats located right by your 1 key. This brings up console.

    Recording the demo:

    Type this in your console when it is up: status

    Ok now find the user's name and copy it till the end of the steam id and then press control v or right click on the highlighted text and click 'Copy'. Now then you have the user's steam id and name.

    Step Four:
    To play your demo just type playdemo "the-demo-name" in console

    Congratulations! You Finished!

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