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    Plugin: you got rick rolled

    Dr. Jan Itor

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    Plugin: you got rick rolled

    Post by Dr. Jan Itor on Mon Jul 21, 2008 4:41 pm

    Xanimos for idea and some code, Vittu for fixing a mistake
    this plugin will bring up a motd window that opens up a site of the url set to amx_ricklink cvar
    you can close the motd window but the sound will still keep playing after you close the MOTD window.

    Known Bugs:
    - The flash won't update the pictures unless you click the mouse.
    So you hear the sound but don't see anything unless you keep clicking.
    (This is a problem with the HTML engine in HL nothing I can do about this)

    Commands :
    amx_roll // rick roll the player
    amx_unroll // stop the rick roll on the player

    amx_rickimmune // should admins with immunity be immune to rick roll 1/0 default 0
    amx_ricklink // sets the link for the rickroll link it will open in motd default link is

    note: the images lag a bit and as noted in .sma and by other testers and xanimos

    (this plugin is made by me)

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